Doubting about what to cover at your first digital marketing class. No worries!

Here is the Outline for your 3-hour LinkedIn Marketing class, including topics to cover and practice activities for your students:

1. Introduction to LinkedIn (15 minutes)

  • Overview of LinkedIn’s importance for professionals
  • Setting up a compelling LinkedIn profile
  • Connecting with industry peers and professionals

2. Optimizing Profiles (30 minutes)

  • Profile picture and banner image best practices
  • Writing a captivating headline and summary
  • Adding relevant skills and endorsements

3. Content Strategy (30 minutes)

  • Creating engaging LinkedIn posts
  • Understanding the LinkedIn algorithm
  • Leveraging hashtags and mentions

4. Building a Network (20 minutes)

Connecting strategically with professionals

Engaging in meaningful conversations

Using LinkedIn’s search and filter features

5. Company Pages (15 minutes)

  • Setting up and optimizing a company page
  • Posting updates and showcasing products/services

6. Sponsored Content and Ads (20 minutes)

  • Overview of LinkedIn advertising options
  • Creating and targeting sponsored content
  • Setting a budget and tracking ad performance

7. LinkedIn Groups (15 minutes)

  • Joining and participating in relevant groups
  • Establishing authority through group engagement

8. LinkedIn Analytics (10 minutes)

Understanding LinkedIn’s analytics dashboard

Tracking the performance of posts and activities

9. Practice Activities (45 minutes)

  • Have students create or optimize their LinkedIn profiles.
  • In pairs, they can send connection requests to each other, write a brief recommendation, or engage in a group discussion.
  • Ask students to draft a LinkedIn post on a topic relevant to their field and share it with the class.

10. Q&A and Networking (15 minutes)

  • Encourage students to ask questions and share their experiences.
  • Suggest networking within the class by connecting on LinkedIn.

11. Case Studies and Success Stories (10 minutes)

  • Share real-world examples of successful LinkedIn marketing campaigns or profiles.

12. Future Trends and Conclusion (10 minutes)

  • Discuss emerging trends in LinkedIn marketing.
  • Summarize key takeaways and encourage ongoing learning.

Remember to adapt the content and pace to your students’ prior knowledge and experience levels. Providing hands-on practice and real-world examples will make the class more engaging and practical for them.

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