I have targeted to meet new people every day. I have observed that the more I travel and meet new people, the more I learn new things.

Today, as of 04.12.2023, I went to Mohol Market and bought 50 new fun caps for my shop. I have also bought girls’ tops from Ladies Wear Shop and instantly made three of their employees like my Facebook page: Re Classy.

I went to Cox’sbazar and Saintmartin Island last week (12.12.2023). Enjoyed the beauty of Sea Beaches, Sunset, Blue Water in Saintmartin, and the Sound of Boats and Ships and the Soothing Air. We also enjoyed eating Fish Bar-B-Que.

I have given my visiting card to 3 new people and let them know that I have been a Digital Marketing Instructor and a Businessman. Hope It will help me to get some new connections for my business and career.

Today as on 07.01.2024, I have learnt two types of marketing. Shallow Learning: Only learning but there is no application.

Deep Learning: Deep learning is a type of learning where one learns something and apply or share it with others.

Normally, I do the Deep learning. What I learn every day about Digital Marketing, I try to apply to my online businesses like sportstotry.com or on my Facebook business page: facebook.com/ReClassy.

Besides, since I am an Instructor of Digital Marketing, I always try to share my knowledge with my students.

So, please stop shallow learning. Whatever you learn whether it is little or Big, try to have Deep Learning.

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